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Trusted advisor to CEOs seeking strategic alignment

As CEO, you need every possible resource to become a more effective and self-aware leader. Having a trusted external thought partner to discuss your issues with could be the difference between implementing a necessary change in your business, or a failed initiative that did not meet expectations.


Sometimes, it might simply mean helping you find the missing piece that makes a profound impact, rather than solving your entire puzzle.

Michelle is a practical and tactical CEO coach with a direct, no-BS communications style to help you become a better CEO and empower your team.


As your coach, Michelle will help you enhance your leadership and communication skills, sort through strategic decisions, manage stress levels more effectively, and achieve perpetual growth.

Michelle Messina (m2messina) in coaching session

Take your leadership to the next level with Michelle's expert coaching— transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Connect with Michelle now to empower your journey as a CEO.


“You have guided us brilliantly. “

Coaching client

“Michelle is my trusted thought partner.”

CEO client

“Her assessments were quick and accurate, her advice spot on.”

CEO client

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