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Elevate your Event and Unleash Innovation

with Michelle as a Keynote Speaker

 Transform your next conference or workshop with insights from one of the leading voices in global entrepreneurship and innovation. Michelle Lane Messina promises to deliver a keynote that enlightens and empowers your audience to embrace today’s challenges and opportunities.

Michelle brings…

  • Expertise in Global Innovation: Michelle’s global experience with startups, corporations, academia, and government shapes her comprehensive point of view on innovation.

  • Diverse Speaking Topics: From the intricacies of Silicon Valley's culture to scaling up startups and locating the ideal advisor or mentor, Michelle's talks are rich with practical and tactical insights.

  • Customizable Talks: Tailoring her presentation to meet the specific needs of your audience, Michelle ensures that each talk delivers maximum impact and value.

  • Engaging Presentation Style: Known for her straightforward, honest, and engaging delivery, Michelle connects with her audience at both an intellectual and emotional level.

Signature Speaking Topics

  • Everywhere, Everyday: The Ubiquity of Exponential Technology

  • Failure is Not Forever:  It’s Part of the Process

  • Decoding Silicon Valley: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Culture of Innovation

  • 10 Strategies for Startup Ecosystem Development

  • Scaling Up Without Screwing Up: Best Practices for Expansion

  • Corporations Can Think Like a Startup: Innovation within the Large Enterprise

  • Don’t Do It Alone: Find Your Ideal Mentor, Advisor, or Coach

“...very informative, empowering, and inspiring. Michelle’s skills and knowledge made it very interesting and exciting!”

Conference attendee

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“She is as quick-witted as she is engaging with her audience.”

Workshop attendee

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“Michelle Messina delivers a funny, straight, honest, and so gloriously American no-bullshit description of why Silicon Valley succeeds.“

Conference attendee

Michelle Messina's (m2messina) logo with blue design
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