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Programs Offered

  • Master Classes & CEO Workshop: ½ day to 6-day programs in 35+ countries

  • Angel Investor Workshops: 1-3 day programs in Egypt, Tunisia, Mexico, USA, and Brazil

  • Mentor Programs: 2-day programs followed by online coaching in Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru

  • Pitch Training: ½ day to 2-day programs throughout the world

  • Youth & Student Entrepreneur Training: semester-long, online & in-person

  • Corporate-Startup Partnership Programs: 2-day to 2-month programs 

Partial Topic List

  • Decoding Silicon Valley: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Culture of Innovation

  • Level up your Startup Ecosystem 

  • Scaling up Without Screwing Up

  • Operational Alignment Essentials for Global Expansion

  • Corporations Can Think like a Startup

  • You Cannot Do It Alone:  Finding Your Mentor, Advisor, or Coach

  • Everywhere, Everyday: The Ubiquity of Exponential Technology 

Program Outcomes

Michelle has trained 1000’s of entrepreneurs, coached 100’s of CEOs, and heard 7500+ company pitches. Here’s just a slice of her impact:

  • APEX Brazil Program: 45% of the companies in a multi-year startup program received outside investment.

  • Startup Grind Global: trained ‘Best of Show’ winners for 2 consecutive years.

  • Korea Program: 17 teams, trained for internationalization, raised $15.7M in funding; 5 companies had $3.7M in revenue within 1 year of the program.

  • Microsoft Inspire Cup, Lebanon: trained the winning company. 

  • ProColombia program: Trained 35 companies in-country. Led team of 3 professionals in scheduling 156 qualified meetings 8 weeks later, with prospects, partners, and investors.

  • Startup Mexico: 2-day training for 55 IT mentors that included startup speed mentoring and scorecard assessments.

  • ISM University of Management & Economics: Trained 150+ undergraduates in foundational entrepreneurship skills.

  • USAID Kosovo: IT Outsourcing company training with a follow-on trade mission to India presenting Kosovar companies and skills. 

 Leading Global Transformation Through
World-Class Training Programs

Collaborate with Michelle to design a program that equips your group with the insights, knowledge, and essential skills needed to advance to the next level.


Options range from an introductory talk about how Silicon Valley actually functions, to a 1-day or multi-day workshop that covers the essentials of product-market fit, global expansion, startup ecosystem development, and successful corporate-startup partnerships. Longer programs include online components before or after the in-country element. 


Every program includes practical tools, templates, resources, scripts, and follow-on recommendations. Personalized copies of the best-selling book Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide are available for each group member.

Michelle Messina's (m2messina) with her students 2023

Take the next step towards success with Michelle Lane Messina's training programs. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a corporate innovator, or a budding startup, our programs are tailored to meet your needs and drive tangible results. 

“Your class was both exciting and very enlightening. Congratulations on the content and your manner of communication.”

L. Bento, Brazil

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“…. an excellent teacher, trainer, and mentor. I’ve seen how specific and constructive her advice is.”

Klaus Wehage, Silicon Valley

Michelle Messina's (m2messina) logo variant 2

“Thank you so much for all the extremely valuable work you did with the entrepreneurs!”


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